Before Red Ink Geek, I started my career as a technical editor for a civil and environmental engineering firm. My document experience includes the following types:

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents:
    • Environmental assessments
    • Environmental impact statements
    • Records of decision
  • Long-range transportation plans
  • Existing conditions reports
  • Hydrology and hydraulics reports
  • Biological assessments
  • Biological monitoring reports
  • Jurisdictional delineation reports
  • Transportation management plans
  • Baseline health reports
  • Quality assurance plans
  • User guides
  • Project proposals, scopes of work, statements of qualification


Highlighted Projects

The following projects highlight some of my experience in the civil and environmental engineering fields.

East Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); Regional Transportation District, Denver and Adams County; Denver, Colorado. A large and lengthy project involving the public. Responsible for formatting and comprehensive editing the Draft EIS, Final EIS, and related technical reports for accessibility to all readers. Revised and updated the style guide for the project, including method of resource documentation, punctuation, language use, and grammar. Also included Spanish-translated materials for public meetings and the project website.

I-70 East EIS; Federal Highway Administration, Colorado Department of Transportation Region 6, and City and County of Denver; Denver, Colorado. Created the new document template for the Supplemental Draft EIS. Formatted and comprehensively edited the Draft EIS and Supplemental Draft EIS and related technical reports. Designed the document to be easier to read and updated the project style guide for more consistent and reader-friendly language.

National Long Range Transportation Plan; U.S. Fish and Wildlife; Nationwide. Responsible for creating the document template and synthesizing data from various surveys and reports to draft sections of the document. Reviewed and edited other sections of the document to ensure consistency and clarity. Created the project website using previous U.S. Fish and Wildlife project websites as a starting point to create consistency among the agency websites while ensuring the website is user friendly. Maintained the website by uploading updated documents and making changes as requested by the client.

Mountain States Transmission Intertie EIS; NorthWestern Energy, Private, State, and Federally Managed Lands; Idaho and Montana. Met the Bureau of Land Management’s requirement of Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance by formatting and creating a template that complied with Section 508 of the ADA. This template was formatted particularly to be read by document reader software for the visually impaired.

Administrative and Technical Requirements for Traffic Engineering; Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Created the template for the comprehensive traffic engineering and project planning manual for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The template was designed to accommodate both English and Arabic versions of the manual. Worked with technical staff to compile the manual from multiple domestic and international sources as well as formatted and edited (including graphics) the compiled text for easier translation into Arabic.

Traffic Operations Asset Management System (TOAMS) Phase II; Colorado Department of Transportation; Colorado. Rewrote, edited, and formatted the user manual for TOAMS software developed for this project.

Ambler Road EIS; Bureau of Land Management; Alaska. Formatted and edited the Health Impact Assessment (appendix to the EIS) to comply with Section 508 of the ADA. Checked for accessibility compliance through Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Papua LNG Project; Upstream Community Health Baseline Report; ERIAS Group and TotalEnergies; Papua New Guinea. Edited and formatted the health baseline report for an international audience using U.K. English. Made style guide decisions for consistency and accuracy, including references/citations.  


The following websites were designed by Red Ink Geek:

Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting. Designed the website for a leading consulting firm for the financial advice industry. The website is hosted on Red Ink Geek CMS.

International Dance Club. Designed and hosting the website for the International Dance Club in Colorado Springs, CO.  This website was designed to help current and potential club members find the event schedule and more about the club.

Fearrington Cares. Designed the website for this community care organization located in Fearrington Village, NC. The website was specifically designed to be “senior friendly” based on recommendations from the National Institute on Aging (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). The website was created and maintained using the Joomla! CMS platform.