What is a Red Ink Geek, you may ask?

Aside from a penchant for office supplies (red inked or otherwise), it is someone dedicated to communication to the point of geekdom. It is someone who relishes in making content readable and relateable whether it’s in print or on your screen. Nothing makes a Red Ink Geek happier than a message that reaches its intended audience.

That’s great, you say, so then who is Red Ink Geek?

Lacey A.R. Taplin, Geek Prime

I embraced geekdom at an early age with a love of writing utensils, drama club, literature, and most things categorized as science fiction or fantasy. After years of secretly (and not so secretly) correcting other people’s grammar as well as a fortuitous temporary-to-hire position with an engineering firm, I decided to pursue the life of a technical communicator.

My experience, including 14 years in the civil and environmental engineering fields, includes document design, style guides, formatting, writing, proofreading, comprehensive editing, and website design and maintenance. Want to see some examples of my technical communication skills at work?

Using my design and editing expertise, I help you produce clear, concise, and consistent content.


It all starts with a good foundation.

B.A. from Washington & Jefferson College (Washington, PA)

  • Double major – English (Literature) and Spanish
  • Minor – Education

Technical Writing Certificate from Brooklyn College (Brooklyn, NY)

Organizations and Affiliations

Society for Technical Communication (STC)

  • Technical Editing Special Interest Group

Pi Beta Phi

U2 Fan Club (told you I was a geek)


Outreach Uganda

Newsletter editor and website help

North Fork Ambulance Association

Marketing materials (flyers, posters, etc.) help

Ready to get started?